04 March 2011

Are Late Night Workouts Effective?

The night is young, and yet you feel that you have some energy that you just have to let out. Problem is, your gym is already closed and you cannot make too much noise as most people are already asleep. Here are some late night workouts that you can do to help you release all that pent up energy and tone your body as well.

Lunges – these are great for core training. The added pressure of not creating too much noise will force you to perform the lunges slowly. This will increase the effort required in each execution, which in turn challenge your sense of balance and coordination. Start the lunges by stepping one leg forward by two feet. Lower your body by bending the other leg perpendicularly at the knees. Both your knees should be bent at the end of the execution. Exhale as you push yourself back to starting position. Keep in mind to maintain a straight back throughout the exercise.

Squats – these exercises are perfect for training the glutes and hamstrings. Stand up with your stomach pushed in and your feet spread as wide as your hips. Tighten your core muscles as you inhale and lower yourself by bending at the knees. Stop when your knees are perpendicular to the floor. Exhale as you go back to starting position. Same as with lunges, doing these exercises slowly will help increase the intensity of the training and challenge your balance.

Push-ups – this is a very easy routine to do, but can work a wide range of muscles in the body including the pectorals, abdominals, and other shoulder muscles. Lie face down on the floor and place your arms slightly wider than shoulder’s length, with your hands on the floor beside your face. Exhale as you push yourself up until your arms are stretched out but not locked. Inhale as you go back to starting position, making sure you have a 2-inch clearance off the floor.

These exercises are very simple, yet the concentration and time required doing a quiet, careful execution would be enough to get those muscles pumped and eliminate all that nervous energy.

***check with a medical professional before starting any diet/exercise program***