06 December 2010

Thinking About A New Car?

Is that "old rattle-trap" you're driving around costing you more for it's upkeep than it's worth? Time to think about looking into getting a new car but aren't sure of the best way to begin? Then a car encyclopedia is just the place for your to start your search.

Are you thinking about possibly purchasing a Lexus LS 460? It can be purchased with AWD (all wheel drive) with an 8 speed automatic transmission or RWD (rear wheel drive) which also comes with an 8 speed automatic transmission. Maybe you're thinking of purchasing a Porsche 911 which comes in several models including a 2 door Coupe or 2 door Cabriolet.

If a Fiat 500 is your car of choice, you'll get twin turbo chargers and 415 horsepower. It's a sporty car with a clean look. Why wait? Wouldn't it be nice to find yourself in a new car for the new year?