16 December 2010

Let Your Smile Do The Talking

Do you have beautiful teeth but nasty lips? Weather plays a major part in how your lips look. In winter, they can get chapped due to lack of humidity in the air; in summer they can get sun burned and if you're sick or have a fever, your lips may also suffer. You can't be at your best if your lips hurt.

When lips dry out for whatever reason, they can crack, burn and flake. Lip skin is thin and lacks oil glands and natural moisture. Keep lips protected and moisturized at all times. Everyday, lip balm needs to be applied to form a protective layer. They can be waxed based or gels. Wax-based products give more protection. The richest and creamiest as the "butters". Scented or flavored should be avoided as they may contain irritants. and cause a person to lick their lips thus increasing the lip problem.

Linda Wells, editor-in-chief of Allure magazine, recommends gooey lip balms especially those with a petroleum jelly or Shea butter. Some may contain beeswax, coconut oil, lanolin, olive oil , wheat germ oil, avocado or Vitamin E (an excellent protective antioxidant). Prevention is best by applying a layer of balm before going outdoors and covering your lips with a scarf.

source: The Associated Press