15 December 2010

A Long Day Finding Just The Right Christmas Tree

This guest post from Doris Dillon

Every year my family makes the trek to Ryan's farm to get a Christmas tree the week after Thanksgiving. We start pretty early in the morning, a nice big breakfast, all the kids getting wrapped up in a few layers of clothes, boots and gloves. We have found that even if the weather seems nice and sunny at home, by the time we get to Ryan's it may be snowing and cold. Since we will be gone all day my husband double checks to make sure the home security alarm from ADT HOME SECURITY is set, then it is off on a four hour drive.

Ryan's is a great place for Christmas trees. They have 35 acres of trees to pick from. You can cut your own tree, have one of the farm hands cut it, or pick from a wide variety of already cut trees in the front lot. We always take the hayride out to the woods. We sing Christmas carols and drink hot chocolate. Then we wander around in the woods for a while, looking for just the right tree. It has to be pretty full, with a nice big bottom, then tapering up to the top. I like a 6 ' tree. The branches have to be strong enough to hold some of our heavier, bigger ornaments. My husband chops down the tree we all agree on and drags it back to the hay cart for the hayride back to the store. It makes a great day, we all love it.