20 March 2010

Lockers Are More Than They Used To Be

Remember when you were in high school (more years than you probably care to think about) when you dreaded having to get something out of your gym locker or had to stop at your hall locker to change books between classes? The old lockers were smelly, rusted and dented and usually the combination on the locker didn't work the first several times you tried. Now, there are many new concepts in lockers for any location including up-scale venues like golf clubs.

Plastic lockers are one of the newer storage concepts. Constructed of high density plastic, the lockers are water proof and are perfect for outdoor areas such as pools, spas and areas with high humidity. In single, double and triple tiers, they are a great space saver also. They come in gray, tan and blue. and are fully assembled.

Designer wood lockers add a look of elegance to any storage area. Industrial grade particleboard is covered with plastic laminate for a strong surface. Fully assembled, they come in gray, blue or black and are available in many sizes including single, double and triple tier box style or "S" style.