18 March 2010

Every Little Bit Helps

Now more than every countries around the world are becoming more aware of waste management and are finding ways to increase the amount of recycling that needs to be done worldwide. Rubbish removal services Sydney (Australia) has seen a major increase in recycling and in the ways that are available to assist business and residential customers in understanding the true costs of waste. Veolia Environmental Services has developed a Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Estimator and Reporting Tool to help people better understand the life cycle of waste that is produced. The first step is to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions through waste reduction.

Waste management Sydney (Australia) encourages reduce, reuse and recycle! Tips for more effective recycling include: the use of recycling bins, avoiding the use of "single use" plastic bags, recycling empty plastic containers with the lids removed, disposing of printer cartridges, corks and cell phones properly, avoiding toys and items that require batteries and buying products that have minimal packaging. Saving energy and disposing of special waste including clinical waste are also on the top of their list of solutions to the ever increasing problem of protecting the environment.