09 March 2010

Are You Going "No Where"?

Do you feel like you're the only one who's not getting the job they want? Are you having a struggle trying to even get an interview in these difficult economic times? Are you trying to get your first job or are you hoping for a career change? Either way, the challenge for employment is greater than ever.

Getting the interview seems to be the hardest part of the process. But that brings up the question: is your resume up-to-date and done in the best way possible? Does it give a good presentation of you and your talents? Career advancement was difficult even before the economy went into a down-turn a couple of years ago, so it's even more important in today's working world to make a good first impression. Often, the frustration of "nothing is working" sets in.

Competition for employment is high so it's important to present your strengths early on. If you get an interview, are you presenting yourself and your employment history in the best possible light? Career advice is available through Careersuccessions.com, a web site that offers various solutions to help you succeed in the job market. Their career coaches will help you through the obstacles that seem insurmountable with employment seminars, training, tips and techniques to help you in your job search.