17 March 2010

BOOKS: You Can Never Have Too Many

Lee & Low Books, a company founded in 1991, carries a huge inventory of award winning books. From their book lists, you'll be able to find Coretta Scott King Award winners, The Parent's Choice winners, Child Magazines Best Books and many more top-notch books for all children including African American children's books and Asian American children's books. Sadly, for years there has not been much literature specifically written and published for children of various cultures and backgrounds. The selection at Lee & Low Books is taking giant steps to help correct this. The New York Times, Publishers Weekly, USA Today and several other businesses have honored these book sellers for the wide and varied selection in literature.

Another area Lee & Low Books focus on books for homeschooling. Getting a good curriculum is key to the success of any homeschool program. They offer books on fiction, non-fiction, historical fiction and poetry. There are also activities for groups and individuals and include fun things like "Making Shusi At Home" and creating Mother's Day and Father's Day cards.