12 February 2010

Where Am I?

Do you often wonder where you are when you're trying to get someplace? I've always had difficulty with directions, so I'm very glad when I see address plaques. I love the ones with the large numbers so that you don't have to be directly at the location before you can read a number, so for me: "the bigger, the better". I like it when the street name is also listed as many streets break off for a turn and then pick up again so it's nice to know I'm still on the same route.

While surfing the web, I found a site that carry signs and plaques made by several manufacturers but the manufacturer that really caught my eye were the Whitehall address plaques. In business for over 65 years, their products have been crafted from inspiration from the shores and woods of western Michigan. Each of their designs are based on original designs that were carved in wood but are now hand cast products.

Home address plaques from Whitehall reflect not only the current trends in color and design but portray popular themes. Rust-free aluminium guarantees a long life for the plaques and signs and years of warm greetings to your home or business. Known worldwide, they also make hundreds of other accents for residential and commercial use.