11 February 2010

The Extreme Body Workout Gets Results

Now that the holidays are officially over and that "one more bite" is showing up all over your body, keep the resolution that you made for the New Year and start on the road to becoming a better you.

Extremebodyworkout.com can help you get the results you want. One of their top programs is the Power 90 program. There's something for everyone in the family including programs for children. Working with resistance bands (different for men and women), PowerStands push-up bars and videos, you'll get off to a strong start. Add in the Power 90 nutrition that includes Core Omega 3 and Herbal Immune Boost and you won't get that hungry feeling that might otherwise cause you to cheat.

The Slim in 6 program has different areas. It includes body fat testers, Reebok Heart Rate Monitor & strap. There is also a nutrition plan that includes vanilla and chocolate Replacement Shakes and a Whey Protein Powders in vanila and chocolate.

Another program that lives up to it's name is the INSANITY WORKOUT. This program is not for the faint of heart or those who are not already conditioned. If you're not used to high impact exercise, don't like to work hard or are pregnant, stay away. People in top physical condition, extreme athletes and cardio lovers are the ones for this program. This program has intense drills with non-stop intervals of power, resistance and core training. This is a 60 day intense program to get you to your leanest self.