10 February 2010

There's Life After The Super Bowl

Now that the Super Bowl is over, what's left to watch?????? About a zillion other programs and with Direct Satellite TV your choice of channels is huge. If you're considering moving, you can take the service with you.

There are several Direct TV specials if you subscribe now. You can call their toll free number 1-888-427-7125 or log onto their web site to see the savings you'll get. If you're currently a cable customer, you'll be very surprised at what you'll find and the quality of the service. With all their packages, not only will you get local channels (ABC, CBS, FOX and more), you'll get free installation for up to 4 rooms and digital picture and sound.

Direct TV in Florida is available as is the service in many states. Most areas have the local channels so that the news, programming and weather will be relevant to your area. With free installation and advanced equipment (you'll get the satellite dish and free DVR (Digital Video Recorder), your television viewing will be taken to the next level of enjoyment.