11 February 2010

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

I live in the Midwest (about 50 miles north of Detroit) so when I see a snowflake, I know what it means. It's only the first flake of about a bazillion more to follow. I'm too old to enjoy making snowmen and my grandchildren live too far away to build one with them so when we had our last snowstorm a couple of days ago that resulted in 8" of the white stuff (with major blowing and drifting), I was glad to see the person who takes care of my grass in summer and the snow in winter arrive with his snow plow. What would take me a couple of hours to shovel gets done in about 15 minutes with the plow.

I've lived in Michigan for 35 years. Before that I lived in New York and Massachusetts. When I heard about the tremendous amounts of snow that they received in the various states on the East Coast in the last two weeks, I was glad I wasn't there anymore. With miles of roads and highways and runways to try and keep clean, I know that a Curtis Snow Plow was worth it's weight in gold. Some of the cities that were badly hit don't have the equipment to battle the severe weather as it's not a common occurrence to get any snow, never mind the amounts that were dropped in many areas.

More people have purchased snow removal equipment this winter season than usual due to the large amounts of snow that have been deposited in many areas. On February 10, 2010, the Weather Channel reported that out of all 50 states, only Florida and Louisiana had no snow. My son-in-law who lives in Kansas is constantly battling the weather. The Heartland is a fierce place in winter and he insists that one of the best investments he ever made was in a SnowSport Snow Plow. It's saved him from many hours of backbreaking work as he owns 5 acres of land.