20 May 2010

Does SubmitEdge Beat The Competition?

Anyone who has a web site is VERY aware of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Whether you're a blogger or a business, you know that you and the search engines have to become best friends but how do you do that? Do you spend lots of time and money trying to do this on your own or do you find a company that can do this for your in a professional, economic way? If your looking for someone who can keep you ahead of the pack, then SubmitEdge is the business to get you where you want to be. There are many companies that say they can meet all you online needs but it's difficult and time consuming sifting through all of them. Everyone wants to be the first web site seen in a search. If you can't be first, you at least want to be on the first page at the very least because most people only look at the first one or two pages of listings when searching on Internet. Going further back in the pages gives information that is more obscure and less relevant. Marketing is needed to get a web site listed in major search engines like Google and Yahoo.

As I am a blogger, I look at search engines in terms of: what kind of traffic will they help me generate and how much is this going to cost me? Lack of traffic is the death knell to a site. Search engine rankings are the name of the game. I'm very interested in finding a top quality link building service that works to my advantage. Link building is the process of submitting a web site to different domains to increase traffic. It's needed to build the popularity of a web site. There is a great deal of information going into search engine optimization.

Link exchange is very popular. Links can be exchanged with web sites that offer the same or related services or are blogs that mirror your own in the way of topics and content. Quality content is an important way of generating traffic as well as the use of key words and key phrases in the content and title.

Article content is vital to a web site's success. People don't want to have to swim through a lot of pop-ups or ads or "junk" before they come to something they want to review. For bloggers especially, unique, valuable content is imperative so the the search engines are able to pull you out from the rest of the pack. Content with quality usually results in quality links with other sites.