25 May 2010

Can Media Adversly Affect the Self-Esteem of the Average Adolescent?

It is a huge part of our lives: media. And it is a really huge part of the average adolescent's life. Most of today’s youths are online all the time, either on computers or their cell phones, and constantly texting and Twittering. While they are using these devices, not to mention the television, they are constantly being reminded through advertising that they are not good enough, and that if they are not super-skinny and have a pimple or two, they are never going to be accepted. Adolescence is a hard enough time in a person's life as it is, and it doesn't take a whole to destroy the self-esteem of a young person. They are under a lot of pressure to fit in and often will go to extreme measures to do so.

*** Eating Disorders on the Rise in Adolescents, and Not Just the Girls

These days, we are seeing more and more young people suffering from the effects of eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia. At one time these conditions were considered to be something seen mainly in females, but with so much pressure to have “rock hard abs” and “tight buns”, there are a lot more boys and young men being diagnosed with eating disorders.

Studies have shown that young people can easily be swayed by the things they see on television and in magazines, and feel that they don't measure up to the actors, actresses and super models that are often stick-thin. It is important that youths receive more education about proper diet and nutrition, as well as exercise, and to let them know that they are wonderful just the way they are. They need to understand that the celebrities and models they want to emulate are not representatives of society as a whole, and in fact, they are a small minority.

***Self-Image Education Begins at Home

Young people are under a lot of pressure, at school, with their peers and at home. There isn't a whole lot you can do about the school and peer pressure, except of course listen when they need to talk, but there is something you can do about pressure in the home. If you have a child who is somewhat overweight, help them to learn how to eat healthily, but don't tell them that they are fat and need to lose weight. This is a wonderful way to destroy their self-esteem before they even reach their teen years. Let them make their own choices, and encourage, don't discourage. Your children will grow up to be healthy, well-adjusted adults who have enough self-esteem to take on the world.

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