12 May 2009

Protecting Against Pickpockets

In a crowded subway or bus, it's normal for strangers to press against you so you don't notice something or someone pressing against your purse or pocket. Pickpockets might work in teams and "sandwich" you between them in order to press against your body.
  • The best defense against a pickpocket is to make it hard to get your valuables.. It's not a good idea to carry your wallet in your back pocket. Front pockets are safer but a money belt under your clothes is a better option. Backpacks/purses are very attractive to thieves. A good defense is to use a "dummy" wallet in your pocket/purse so pickpockets never find your real wallet.
If the pickpocket is good, you never feel a thing. This happened to me on a crowded bus coming back from the Leaning Tower of Pisa. I had a purse with a zipper, snaps and a shoulder strap held tightly and securely (I thought) in front on me. When I got off the bus at the train station and went to get my train ticket, I found my wallet was gone. That's the worst felling in the world. Luckily my passport was in a safe at the hotel along with a second credit card or I would not have been able to function.