27 May 2009

How To Dig A Proper Hole

You may laugh but a lot of thought has to come before the actual digging. What are you digging the hole for? Is it to plant a tree, put in a post or are you digging to China (you'll need a lot more in the way of tools and equipment to do this). When I dig a hole only tools of the non-powered variety are needed.

Things to consider in order to dig a proper hole:

  • Know the purpose of the hole (as mentioned above).
  • Pick a spot (again this is based on the purpose of the hole).
  • Mark of the size of the hole (you need to know how wide and deep it needs to be)
  • Select the tools you'll need: round point/square point shovel, post hole digger, tape measure etc.
  • Take the selected shovel, hold it upright and jump up and down on it (land on the top)
  • Take shovel out . Repeat "jumping on". Move right or left in the hole as needed.
  • Throw out dirt/grass/roots, weeds etc. as you come upon them.
  • Continue until you reach the desired height/width/depth of the hole.
  • Put your "whatever" in the hole and hope it fits. Fill in as needed.

Lastly: figure out what to do with the grass, weeds, roots, rocks and gravel that came out of the hole that you didn't put back in . Good Luck !!