10 May 2009

The Joys of Traveling to Italy

Traveling to a foreign country is fun, exciting and FRUSTRATING! Italy is especially challenging for the novice. The Rome airport is beautiful, large and has a massive black hole that eats luggage and spits it back out in a few days (if you're lucky). Very few of the airport employees or the Italian police who patrol the airport speak English and the signs are not user friendly.

When (if) you arrive at your final destination (mine was Florence), you will find the Italian people to be very interesting, the food fabulous and the wine DELICIOUS!!! The statues that are publicly displayed outdoors are breath-taking. It is like stepping back in time when you go into museums whether public or private.

The hassle and aggravation of traveling to Italy are definitely worth the grey hairs that are inevitable with the journey. Ciao for now !!