27 October 2010

Fair for the Food

Guest post written by Janey Byer

I've never been one for scary things and that especially goes for scary rides. I just also don't trust scary rides. But I still go to the local fair whenever I get a chance so I can chow down on all of the great food.

I was really excited to go this year to the state fair so I started looking online for all of the fair food that was supposed to be there when I came across cleartvbundle.com and read through it and decided to switch our internet service over to it.

By the time I got to the fair, I knew exactly which kind of fair food I was going to get. I wanted a traditional corn dog covered in mustard and then also a funnel cake. Although there are all kinds of great things to cover funnel cakes with, I prefer cinnamon sugar just because it's just so much lighter and a nice change from plain powdered sugar or chocolate syrup. Even though I love the food, I am glad that the fair only happens once a year because I can not eat like that more often.