18 October 2010

Asbestos Exposure CAN Be a Death Sentence!

Asbestos, named by the ancient Greeks, was found to damage the lungs of slaves. Some archaeologists believe that ancients made shrouds to wrap bodies in before being placed on funeral pyres. The asbestos also helped preserve the ashes. Wicks of asbestos were also made for tombs and lamps. Asbestos became popular with manufacturers and builders in the late 19th century. It was used in some products for it's heat resistant qualities.

The word asbestos causes as much fear as the material itself. Health issues associated with this material have been know since the early 1900's but it's use continued worldwide sickening thousands and causing the death of hundreds. In the US when the medical issues became prevalent in the 1930's information was not made public. It is expected that the clean up/removal will take years: therefore, it's vital that anyone who thinks there is asbestos in their environment needs to get an asbestos survey from a reliable, established company without further delay. Get quotes for analysis and/or removal of any exisitng asbestos in your home or business.