12 April 2010

Keep Your Rubber Ducky Safe

Most everyone likes to take a soothing, relaxing bath at the end of a long, hard day. Thinking there will be a problem usually doesn't cross any one's mind. According to The National Safety Council more than 400 people drown in bathtubs yearly. Tub safety is very important for everyone but especially for the young and old. Infants and toddles have thermometers to check the water temperature but later on, it's usually checked by touch. What may seem like a comfortable water temperature for one person won't be for someone else.

The use of bathtub rails is very important and come in many styles that won't damage the tub. Be sure they're at the right height to be effective. Grab bars are also available in different lengths, textures and styles. These two items give you balance upon entering and exiting a tub and while standing. Towel bars do not give this support as they are not designed to hold weight. Tension poles are also useful for moving around in the bathroom.Have theses professionally installed as an extra safety measure.