01 April 2010

It's That Time Of Year Again

Yes!!! The snow is gone, The first robin of spring has appeared and it's time to start thinking about adding color to the outside of your house without worrying about dogs, cats, squirrels and other creatures feasting on your tender, delectable bulbs or new shoots. They seem to be destroyed as soon as you plant them. If this is the story of your gardening life, then window flower boxes are just the thing for you. Available in many sizes, shapes and materials including PVC, you're only limited by your creativity. PVC is an excellent way to have maintenance-free boxes. They are solid, lightweight and can be be painted. They are rot free and insect and moisture resistant and will not crack, warp or splinter. Flowerwindowboxes.com is an excellent website to visit to help you get started with your gardening needs. They carry a a large selection of liners and brackets too. There's something for everyone even apartment dwellers.

If you live in an area with little rainfall or don't want to worry about remembering to water your flowers and plants, a self-watering window box is perfect for you. The WICKINATOR is a new self-watering water reservoir (holding up to a gallon or more of water) that can be made in custom lengths. Storing water under the roots, you'll water approximately 3-5 times less than without the system. Used with both window boxes and planters, they are ideal for any location. Since the water is not standing, the roots will not be destroyed or rot. It works by drawing water from the wicks up into the soil. More water is drawn up as the soil dries out. Plants will be watered for several weeks using this method. All of the window boxes have drain holes in the bottom and can come without drain holes if they're to be used inside a home.