18 January 2010

Get The Vehicle You've Always Wanted

Get the car you've always wanted: the 2010 Mercedes-Benz GLK. According to Cars.com, the 2010 vehicle has well placed controls and the many interior features are easily accessible. and the gauges are easy to read. It has a retro-themed interior and is very recognizable as a Mercedes.

If a Cadillac Escalade is your car of choice, the 2010 model says it all. Both stylish and powerful, it is a full size luxury V-8 SUV. It handles well on the road and looks great on the inside with double-stitches leather upholstery and faux wood trim. It can be purchased in standard or extended length extended length which gives an additional 21". The Escalade has kept the Magnetic Ride Control feature for absorbing bumps on the road for a more comfortable ride.

The Chevy Silverado Hybrid Specs say it all. With chrome wheels, gas cap, rails and chrome edged running boards, this four-wheel drive pickup is excellent for off-road use. The Silverado, with regular, extended and crew cab versions comes with interior differences to appeal to everyone. According to vehicle reviews, the Acura RDX seems to get better every year and fits well into the premium SUV market with it's turbocharged engine.