15 January 2010

Get The Look You Want With HCG

Are you and your scale fighting now that the holidays are over and you realize how "just one little bite" looks on your hips and thighs? Is it giving you numbers that you don't want to read? Relax ...... help is just a mouse click away. The HCG diet is a medically supervised weight loss program that doesn't involve surgery, missing meals, going on hunger strikes, taking pills or the need for special food. Thousands of people who have used this program have been very pleased with their results. Not only will you see physical (and mental) changes, you'll see your body transform and feel it re-program itself.

According to MSNBC who did a segment on gastric by-pass surgery (one of the most common weight loss concepts), it's not all that it's touted to be. The surgery sections of a good portion of the stomach (to limit the amount of food eaten) and re-routes it to a deeper portion of the small intestine (to limit calorie absorption).Vitamins, supplements and protein shakes need to be taken daily. But along the way, many people have run into major health issues that often require a second operation: ulcers forming on the new seam, bowel issues, abdominal scarring and intestinal hernias. Many times, people are not made fully aware of the risks to this type of surgery.

With the HCG diet, which is the safer choice, the effects of the hormones received will be maximized using common sense practices for best results including: drinking 8/8oz glasses of water daily, consuming 30 grams of fiber daily, doing regular exercise and eating an organic diet. Meal planning is also vital to the success of the program . One important thing to remember is to not eat late at night (fat is stored while asleep). Eat the last meal of the day more than 3 hours before going to sleep if possible.